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Many years ago God created the Cearą, white sand dunes, hot water, perfect weather 365 days per year. Elapsing time, many inhabitants were baffled and questioned about what this abundance would be useful for. They found it out in 2002, when some athletes with some strange kite started to design the blue sky of Brazil and came back home amazed of this fantastic beauty

So they noised about the steady wind every day for the whole year.

Nobody remained indifferent! So in November 2003 they fixed there the final stop of the kitesurf world championship. Martin Vari, among these dunes won this final stop sealing his primacy

So in Cearą came to life, exactly in Uruał (72 Km from Fortaleza), the Pro Kite Brasil “The Riders”.
The Pro Kite Brasil is an professional international centre, ideal for beginners as well as for people who need to learn new tricks of freestyle with skilled instructors. Conditions are unique! Uruał has a fresh water lake, a salted water plate lagoon and obviously 
the ocean with its fantastic waves and its 25 degrees… all nailed by a steady wind! For all these reasons Uruał is one of the best places to play kitesurf and has to be shared with people who love this sport.
The school is located 100 m from the hot ocean water and is completely integrated with the surrounding environment. 
There is a fantastic compound that can satisfy all client requests. The compound offers some exclusives services that makes it welcoming and functional such as some shower and restaurant-bar with local speciality, the “Riders” shop and a relaxing swimming pool where people can relax after a day in water.

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